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Anything you publish Online needs to be accessible to anyone with a disability. Its the Law.

The Americans with Disability Act 1990,  requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content.



Confused about all this?
Having your Site Accessible means these things:

  • Its The Law, therefore no fines
  • Your Business is more Inclusive
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Google loves accessible sites, Higher Rankings, therefore
  • More Free Traffic to your Site!
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Your Online Content needs to be Accessible

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We can Help your Business

Auxilium Media ( NI ) was created to help Businesses and Individuals stay within the Law with their online property. With the recent changes in Europe with GDPR ( General Data Protection regulation ), and ADA ( Americans with Disability Act ) in The United States, its now The Law to be compliant. WE are here to help that happen for you, saving you from substantial fines and Legal fees, and all the stress that comes with it.

Having ADA Compliance means you have more time to work in your Business, safe in the knowledge that you are within the Law.


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